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Aso food and other items of the local cuisine specializing in seasonal food

  • Plenty of mountain fruits

    Kumamoto · Aso is a treasure trove of materials, in order to make use of the materials neatly soup stock

    Seriously made delicious things to your table
    Please enjoy gently and nostalgic country taste


menu (One case)

  • Appetizer, Six dishes of the season
    soup, Soup
    small bowl, Juvenile Nanban·Seasonal sprouts of tree sprouts·Season's love
    Simmered food, country simmered
    sashimi, Red sea bream with seaweed
    Orientation Marbled horse sashimi and twin sashimi
    Fried shrimp and seasonal vegetable platter
    Grilled Dish, Salt-grilled yam
    Maine, Ceramic plate grilled with Kumamoto miso beef
    Meal, White rice·Minami Seki fried miso soup
    Pickled Vegetables, Homemade pickles
    Sweet seasonal fruits and jellies

    Food is an example, it will change depending on the season


  • An example of breakfast
    An example of breakfast
  • Sakura natto which Kumamoto people love
    Please try cherry natto (sashimi and natto of chopped horse) which Kumamoto people love for white rice of breakfast.

menu (One case)

  • Steamed tofu
    Small Country Jersey Milk
    Red sweet potato
    Shiso kelp
    Raw ham salad
    Cherry natto
    White rice
    Miso soup