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  2. About infectious disease measures

About infectious disease measures

  • At this facility, as a measure against new coronavirus infection,
    We are implementing the following measures.

    I'm afraid it may cause inconvenience,
    We will do our utmost to ensure that our customers can stay with peace of mind.
    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.
  • ① Before arrival
    ·Please measure your body temperature before you leave.
  • ② Upon arrival
    ·Please wear a mask when entering the building and during your stay.
    ·All staff wear masks.
    ·Vinyl sheets are installed inside the shuttle car and at the front counter.
    ·Please measure your body temperature at check-in and fill out the form.
    ·We have abolished the pen used to fill in the accommodation list and used disposable pencils.
  • ③ In the guest room
    ·We have shortened the stay time of the staff in the room at the time of guest room guidance.
    (Preparation of tea, etc.)
    ·The room key and area map are set in the room in advance.
  • ④ Meal
    ·The three restaurants in this facility have private rooms, semi-private rooms, and counter seats. We will prepare more seats than usual and reduce the number of groups in each place.
    ·We reduce the number of times the staff enter the room when serving meals, and serve customers at a distance.
    ·Alcoholic disinfection is always done before and after using menu books such as drinks.
  • ⑤ Bedding
    ·We thoroughly disinfect and wipe the bedding when setting it.

    ⑥ Check out
    ·We thoroughly disinfect cash when delivering cash.
    ·Please be sure to check in one by one so that the front desk will not be crowded.
  • ⑦ About disinfection in this facility
    ·Disinfectant is installed in the following 57 places in this facility.
    Ryokan entrance,Each restaurant entrance,Each elevator entrance,Each bathroom entrance,Each guest room,Each restaurant table,Front counter,Lobby tables,In the elevator,Transfer car
    ·Staff always carry disinfectant.

    ⑧ Staff health management
    ·Thorough hand washing, gargle and hand disinfection
    ·Daily body temperature measurement and confirmation of subjective symptoms such as cold